Hey, I’m David and
I’m a digital product designer.

I was born in paradise (The Canary Islands) but I currently live in Madrid.
I work as Product Design Lead at Telefonica Innovation.

Design Process.



I am of the opinion that the designer must dive in at the earliest possible moment during design research. Regardless of assigned roles in the projects I work on, I like to participate in the ideation and user-testing sessions. Also, I tend to suggest quick user tests when there’s any doubt regarding specific functionality.

Sometimes a project is under a tight schedule or is constrained by limited resources. Even in that case, I like to run guerrilla tests and interviews to gather insights that are to be the foundation of the work to come


During the building phase, I like to prepare prototypes. This will evaluate the interaction model, information architecture, and the user interface. Sometimes, I’ll go old-school and use a pen and paper. Other times, I’ll prepare an interactive prototype with a visual style that looks like the real thing.

I’m not a huge fan of generating too much design documentation so I try to build the visual look and feel as I go. Wireframes are not always necessary.


Delivering the prototype or final product to the hands of the user is vital for learning. Once it’s out there, analytics and metrics are my best friends. I try to identify patterns and extract new insights.

Based on the findings of analytics and user testing, I submit adjustments in a quick and efficient manner.


Some of my work.


More about me.

I currently work in Video Innovation Team as Product Design Lead. Telefonica is the largest Telco in Europe and the fifth largest in the world, with substantial  presence in Latin America.

Over last year, I have started a side project called .dsgnrs., a design community. Have a look at it! 🙂

I also give talks about design at the International Marketing Management MBA program at CEU San Pablo University, the User Experience Masters Program at the ESNE School of Design, and other workshops. Oh, every now and then I post collages on my Instagram.