My latest side project, a community for
designers that will be released in early October.


.Dsgnrs. was born from a project called uxdesigner.top, a website where a prominent designer is highlighted weekly. It was a hit and the feedback from the Product Hunt community inspired me to start .dsgnrs.


My vision of .dsgnrs. is for it to become a mecca for creativity. Curation is a key part of .dsgnrs., hopefully one day like an awwwards or fwa with the designers at the heart of the project.


The goal is to build a simple, easy-to-navigate product. Its overarching mission is placing design, and more specifically the designers, in the spotlight.


Making a product that is going to be used by thousands of designers is no easy task. Those who will frequent .dsgnrs. make a living out of analyzing and evaluating the tiniest detail in products and services. We all know that version 1.0 of any product is never perfect, so the service will be constantly updated and improved little by little. Being that this is a personal side project, I took full responsibility designing the brand’s visual identity.


We relied on the analytic data we pulled from uxdesigners.top to start designing. In order to grasp a better understanding of our users, we launched an online questionnaire, which provided us with our user profile and their interests.

The initial phase of the project comprised of defining and building an MVP. We constructed the basic functionalities as a proof of concept and from there, we will keep iterating and adding more pieces to the product. The user feedback will inform our next steps.

Apart from the design work and product development, marketing and communications are equally as vital: social media posts, Medium content, and a weekly email newsletter.


.dsgnrs. is currently in development; we hope to officially launch in October this year. After launching, we will try to validate our hypothesis and improve the product based on the feedback from the users.


Beatriz and Acute & Creative