Movistar Play.

Bringing pay TV to users’ devices


Telefónica’s OTT TV service operates under the brand Movistar Play. This product enables Telefonica’s customers to access its pay TV service from anywhere, anytime. Users can access their live and VoD content from any of their devices (tablet, smartphones, and desktop)


To build iOS and Android native apps plus a desktop web browser version of the service. These apps will give access to the content in an intuitive and quick fashion.


To identify patterns in mobile video consumption and design an experience that satisfies the user's needs.



One of the most complex aspects of this project was organizing the information in a way that the user could discover new content without losing track of their favorite TV shows, personal recordings, or watchlist.

Most of the OTT video services, like Netflix, lack live TV content. But Telefonica’s product offers both live TV and on-demand. That’s why ordering and showing the vast amount of content is a great challenge. The user is presented with multiple sources of content: live TV, upcoming live TV, recently aired, personal recordings, VoD, etc.


The MVP was first launched in Spain. This version of the product had a limited set of features that covered the basic needs. In 2015, an upgraded version of the product was released in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, and five countries in Central America.

In the version that is currently in production, the content is organized from most relevant to least relevant for the user and for the operator (a Telefonica’s subsidiary). Below this the user may find editorialized content (curated by the operator), live TV content, and, finally, VoD content categorized under what we have labeled as “thematic areas”.

One of the components I’m most proud of is the TV guide for both smartphone and tablet. TV guides are normally complex and hard to skim. Yet, we crafted a design that allows users to screen multiple channels at once. Also, the user can quickly and intuitively see upcoming live TV content.



Carlo, Cristina, Federico, Ibai, Jorge, Jose, Josemi, Juan, Juliana, Lucho, Liz, Olatz, Sergio